Barbie Blonde For Fall

Barbie Blonde For Fall

Oh, Hi Ken!

Have you had Kenough of the barbie explosion taking over this summer?

One things for sure, Blonde Hair is never going out of style, especially bright all over blonde hair, like barbie!

Move over rooted blondes, it’s a barbie world now!


Barbie blonde hair typically refers to a shade of blonde that is very light & often has a slightly golden undertone. Barbie Blonde is often depicted as a vibrant and striking shade of blonde!


There are various techniques in creating the perfect barbie blonde color, and your Lumen stylist will choose the best method for you.

As a rule of thumb, it will be a lot of highlights and often lifting your natural base color, so the hair is bright, and truly shows that pastel-honey iconic shade.


???? Versatility: The beauty of Barbie blonde lies in its ability to complement various skin tones, bringing out your natural glow no matter the season.

????Cultural Influence: Just like the legendary Barbie doll, this hair color exudes confidence and classic beauty, reminding us that some trends are forever.

At Lumen Salon, we are dedicated to finding the perfect color that complements your individual skin tone, texture, type, and density, regardless of your current hair color.

Trends may evolve, but if you’ve been sticking to the same look for a while, perhaps it’s the perfect moment to embrace something new!

Text us today at 202-676-6313, your new look is waiting!

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