Did You See This Botched Hair?

Did you see this botched hair? ????

It’s TransFALLmation Day 🙂

Transformation #1

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Did you know ‘hand-tied’ has become a buzzword in hair extensions?

It describes a technique involving sewing extensions with beads and string. But there’s a crucial difference to consider…who installs them + the training they received.

Some stylists get certified after just one day of training! What?! We can attest, that’s not enough time to learn or even understand how to properly install hand- tied extensions.

At Lumen Salon, our stylists undergo a minimum of two months of rigorous training, to start. Then they go into after certification training to help with anything thing that might come up, and trust us, it does!

Did you know Shana Dee was the first stylist in our area to get certified in hand-tied extensions back in 2016 and Kamal got certified shortly after? When we say our stylists are experts, it’s because they have years of training + 100’s of hours of actual working experience. They bring over 6 years of real-world experience, having encountered every hair type, color, and length.

Achieving that seamless Lumen look isn’t easy; it takes hours of practice for even stitching, gentle weft placement, and perfect color blending to match extensions with the natural hair.

Oh, and P.S. The above extension install costs the same as Lumen Salon… which version would you rather have?

Transformation #2

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Starting with her natural hair that was originally all one length, the client above, simply requested a trim. However, what transpired was nothing short of an ordeal.

The licensed hairstylist responsible for this disservice displayed a stunning lack of consideration and competence. To butcher anyone’s hair to this extent requires a deliberate and unfortunate level of effort, and nowhere in our industry’s training and education is such a technique taught.

It’s crucial to remember that hair is more than just hair; it’s intertwined with our emotions, self-esteem, and even our connection with others. We were heartbroken for her!

To address the situation, we had to resort to three rows of extensions, though achieving seamless results has been a challenge, we managed to blend the back of her hair with the front… as the client stopped the hairstylist from removing more! It was the saving grace that was needed to blend her hair into the seamless look above.

Now, our plan is to gradually extend the top back section and eventually transition to a chic Hailey Bieber bob in a few months. Stay tuned to instagram for updates.

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