FAQ about Extensions

Discover everything you need to know about hand tied extensions with our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide below.

From understanding the basics of hand tied extensions to learning about installation, maintenance, and styling tips, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re considering hand tied extensions for the first time or looking to expand your knowledge, our FAQ section provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and achieve stunning results.

1. What exactly are hand tied extensions, and how do they differ from other types of extensions?
– Hand tied extensions are a method where small wefts of hair are tied by hand onto a thin, flexible base, offering a seamless blend with natural hair. They differ from other methods like clip-ins or tape-ins in their lightweight feel and natural appearance, making them the fastest and most desirable extension method!

2. Are hand tied extensions suitable for my hair type and lifestyle?
– Hand tied extensions can be suitable for most hair types and lifestyles. Curious if they will be a good fit for you?  Simply fill out the free consultation form on our website and we will get you set up with a free consultation to determine if hand tied extensions will be a great fit for you!

3. How long do hand tied extensions typically last, and what factors affect their lifespan?
– Hand tied extensions can last 6 to 12 months on average with proper care and maintenance. Factors such as your home care routine is the biggest determining factor to your hairs longevity.

4. Can I style hand tied extensions like my natural hair, and what precautions should I take?
– Yes, hand tied extensions can be styled with heat tools, but it’s important to use heat protectant products and avoid excessive heat to prevent damage.   Do not use over the counter shampoos or styling products.  We only recommend Milbon Reawaken Shampoo and Treatment Conditioner and styling Primer.  Along with Unite 7 seconds leave in conditioning spray.  Hand Tied Extensions do not require a lot of oils or serums, less is best for longevity and softness to your extensions.  Lastly, we recommend using the Lumen Bamboo hair brush to keep the extensions hair going in the same direction and tangle free.

Recommended Shampoo Recommended ConditionerRecommended Primer Recommended Detangler

5. What is the installation process like for hand tied extensions, and do I need to visit a professional stylist?
– Installation involves attaching the extensions to the hair using a bead-and-string method.  Using multiple weft colors to ensure a seamless blend.  Coloring of your natural hair and sometimes the extensions creates a almost undetectable blend.  Installation usually takes around 4-5 hours for the first installation.  Tightenings are every 6-8 weeks and usually need your highlights refreshed, and full removal and installation of the extensions.

6. Are hand tied extensions reusable, and how can I maintain them for optimal longevity?
– Hand tied extensions are removed and reinstalled multiple times, depending on quality  of your home care and maintenance. Regular brushing, gentle washing with sulfate-free products, and avoiding products containing alcohol or silicone can help maintain their integrity. (Please see number 4.)

7. Do hand tied extensions cause damage to my natural hair, and what steps can I take to prevent it?
– When applied and maintained correctly, hand tied extensions should not cause damage to natural hair. Ensuring proper installation, gentle handling, and avoiding tension or pulling on the extensions are essential for preventing damage.  Home care is the absolute biggest reason for damage.  Please make sure to follow all the home care and do not pull on your extensions.

8. How do I choose the right color and length for hand tied extensions to match my natural hair?
-Lumen Salon ensures a complete blend and natural flow between your extensions and natural hair.  We have a large inventory and will select multiple colors to deliver a a multi-dimensional blend.  We would never give you one pack of extensions hair and call it a day… we call that a “one pack wonder”.  Girl, you are worth so much more than that!   We’ve got you!

9. What is the cost associated with hand tied extensions, including initial investment and maintenance?

– Pricing varies based on factors such as quality, length, and installation method, with hand tied extensions typically requiring a higher upfront investment compared to other methods. See our pricing here!

10. Can I swim, exercise, or participate in outdoor activities with hand tied extensions, and if so, what precautions should I take?
– While generally secure, it’s best to avoid prolonged water exposure or intense sweating to maintain the integrity of the extensions. We do not recommend wearing your hair in braids, as braids can slip and tangle when wet.  Instead, pull your hair into two lower buns and secure with scrunchies so your hair does not slip.  Always make sure to wash and condition and blowdry your hair immediately after swimming.

11.  What Sunscreen should I use?   -Use a mineral sunscreen only.  Mineral sunscreen will not alter the colors of your extension hair, where others types of sunscreen will turn your hair PINK/Orange!  Do not use anything but MINERAL.  Avoid others while they spray sunscreen.

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