What's the hand tied extension explosion all about?

psst. it's amazing and you'll never go back to other outdated method!

  • No Icky Tape, Bond, or Weird Heat Tools Involved: It's called Natural because it is! A single bead is attached with a string creating the most lightweight attachment possible. This system is designed to have the least amount of attachment sites to the hair, while providing the fullness you've always wanted. No damaging tape. No bonded adhesive. No weird heat tools.
  • Painless Removal: In about 5 minutes all extensions are removed... painlessly! It's as simple as snipping the string and unclamping the beads. No more bracing yourself for a pain induced removal process. No more seeing your hair stuck to the tape or bond. No more headaches.
  • Virtually Seamless & Won't Slip Out: The unique U shaped attachment allows the extensions to move like your real hair.
  • They're connected as one piece, so you don't have to worry about that "one single piece showing." Yay! No more hiding hair in your purse! In a windy situation? No stress, they won't show!
  • Less Damage: Having the least amount of attachment sites on the head; That means your natural hair can actually get healthy! The extension hair is sewn onto a string, not your actual hair. Unlike other extension methods that attach to your natural hair causing a lot of breakage.
  • Custom Blended & Custom Colored: Your extensions are treated like they are your real hair! That means they are colored to blend seamlessly with your hair. Having the ability to color your hair, then match the extensions with the same color, is the magic behind natural looking hair extensions!

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Sunkissed Color

Your hair color, rediscovered!

  • Can We Just Say Seamless Blend: You know that effortless childhood hair color that's so perfect? Well, you can have it as an adult! Using the most up to date techniques, your hair color will be so dreamy and seamless, giving you the most natural looking hair color.
  • Easy Grow Out: No more harsh regrowth lines! Finally, a hair color that will grow out softly. You'll love having pretty hair for months and months, without the dread of looking at harsh roots. Making this a total win for all hair colors.
  • Unique Techniques: When it comes to natural looking hair color, it takes no less than 5 techniques.
  • That's why we do all inclusive pricing, so you don't have to worry about being up charged every step along the way, which makes your experience so relaxing.
  • Hair Integrity: Keeping your hair healthy is a top priority. We take extra precautions, NEVER sit you under the dryer to "bake", or over process your hair. We keep a close watch on your hair, so it stays strong.
  • Custom Colored: No two people are the same, so why should their hair be? Your hair is custom created to enhance your unique skin tone, and natural coloring.

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