Are Your Extensions Matting? Here’s Why!



Have you ever experienced matting after receiving hand-tied extensions? At Lumen Salon we carefully review home care instructions with our extension clients twice – once on our phone consultation & again during the install.

We also provide links to our website where our clients can watch videos on how to care for their hand-tied extensions to ensure they stay healthy & beautiful for their next move-up appointment!

With that being said…

You may have experienced matting before coming to Lumen Salon.

Here’s why that might be happening:

01. You Aren’t Fully Brushing Your Extensions

You will need to use the Lumen Brush to brush out your extensions – available at Lumen Salon!

Start at the bottom & work your way to the top! Lift up the top part of your hair where there are no extensions & gently brush down on the extensions making sure they are smooth & not left tangled.

Pick up the top row of extensions & make sure the hair between the rows is smoothed out & not going up into the extensions.

02. You’re Not Washing Them Correctly

Wash your extensions from the top of your head to the bottom, making sure to not scrub on the beads/rows. You can get between & rub your fingers to the scalp, but not vigorously scrubbing.

Don’t take the ends & rub them on the scalp like a ball. Wash down the hair, not up. Going up will cause the cuticle to lift & make the extensions puffy.

To keep your extensions fresh, you can do a faux wash where you just wash the top of your hair. Put your extensions in a ponytail & leave out the top where there are no extensions. In your sink, wash & condition the top portion of your hair.

03. You’re Not Blow Drying Correctly

Towel dry the hair by squeezing out excess moisture. Do not take the towel & ring out the water, as that causes breakage.

Let the hair air dry as you go about your morning routine. Then blow-dry, keeping the air flowing from roots to ends.

Section out each row & make sure the extension hair is dried at the scalp. Point the hair dryer down (using a nozzle) & get the top portion dried to keep your extensions smooth & long lasting.

04. You’re Washing Your Hair Every Day

Extensions perform best when washed less. Don’t wash your hair every day. Be sure to style your hair well the first day you wash then maintain that style for the next few days!

Reference the faux hair washing mentioned in tip #2!

05. You’re Sleeping With Your Hair Down

Sleeping with your hair down can cause breakage & matting. We recommend sleeping with your hair in loose braids or in a semi loose top ponytail.

This will help save time when styling your hair as well as keep your wefts intact throughout your beauty sleep!

Need a visual to really get the full idea? No worries, beautiful! We have videos for you to watch to master your extension hair care.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you had the dream volume or length hand-tied extensions can bring?

Look no further! Our extension experts have years of experience in the extension industry & will walk you through everything you need to know. We absolutely LOVE seeing the “Lumen” light that shines so brightly when our clients see their extensions for the first time. We want to give that experience to you as well!

For more information, fill out the extension application below to get started! Welcome to the dream hair sunshine club♡

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