Holiday Hairstyles

Holidays Are In The Hair

We all blinked and somehow it’s already December, which means a lot of holiday parties, bestie dinners, date nights, family gatherings, and maybe a few engagements 🙂

With all of the parties you’re going to need some fabulous hairstyles! We know your color and cut is on point but we wanted to share with you our favorite hairstyles for some extra inspo this season.

We spent hours on YouTube (so you don’t have to) selecting the most asked for Holiday Styles like a messy bun, quick half-up, holiday waves, etc.

Medium Length Hairstyles

Twist Me Pretty is our all time favorite hairstyling goddess! She has so many quick, easy, step-by-step hairstyles that will leave everyone jealous of your new found styling skills. Any of the styles below will go perfect this holiday season!

Short Hair Hairstyles

We’ve been cutting those long locks recently, and love the chic french bob that’s coming back. Below you’ll find 10 different styles for short hair.

Bombshell Waves

The number one requested style for every event.

The biggest tip is to go slow, curl the ends (don’t leave them out like you do with beachy waves) and brush, brush, brush! This style is best when brushed multiple times, and sprayed with hairspray multiple times as you go, and then brush some more 🙂 * (This technique also works for shorter hair)

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