It’s All About The Val-you’s

The Making of Lumen Salon

In honor of our birthday month, let’s go back to the beginning!

Lumen means light, and we thought long and hard about what happens in the salon chair during your appointments before naming the salon.

It all came down to that final moment… we brush out that last curl and a huge smile beams across your face. A feeling of confidence explodes around you. Your essence changes and you embrace the newness of you. THAT, is what we captured in one word, light…, it’s pure light!

Not only did we want a cute boutique salon, we wanted a space where you could transcend + have time to yourself. We wanted a boutique environment, so that you wouldn’t hear a million blow dryers going, loud talking, or phones ringing. At Lumen, it’s all about you.

We deliberately chose the second + third floors for Lumen Salon, so you’d be elevated above the street literally and figuratively.

The second and third floor offers a unique advantage, a hidden bungalow, + exclusivity; no one can see you 🙂 and that gives you the opportunity to truly escape.

From the height of the foot rest being perfectly suited for your laptop to balance, to having separate floors – we have a secluded retreat where noise doesn’t travel. Lumen is truly a place where you are among friends. A salon where no one is gawking at your extension removal because they are getting one, too. A salon to truly let your hair down 🙂 and be yourself.

Having been voted in D.C’s top 5 salons for hand tied extensions and sunkissed color, we owe it all to you + love spoiling you. Our salon values are: Bright, Elevate, + Transform. In every interaction we strive to fulfill them + it’s our greatest honor to do so.

This week we have custom Lumen Hair Ties for y’all.

Simply stop in or pick it up at your next appointment. (*while supplies last). Don’t forget, we still have Rose to enjoy during your appointments. Cheers to celebrating you!

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