How To Prevent Frizz This Summer

Summertime is approaching and as happy as we are, we know our hair’s worst enemy comes with the territory- Humidity!

As the saying goes, the higher the hair, the closer to God. But when that includes unwanted frizz, it doesn’t feel so heavenly.

What Causes Our Hair To Frizz Up?

Fun Fact: Water molecules in the humid air disrupt your hair’s hydrogen bonds, activating your hair’s natural texture; Like little bursting water balloons all over your hair. Leaving behind tiny hairs that “frizz up” and bring out your natural texture.

So, What’s a Girl to do?

Buy Milbon Anit- Frizz Serum! We’re not calling it a magic potion, but if we did, we would call it MAGICAL! From the sticky humid heat of Singapore, we had a little bird tell us about her experience using Milbon’s Anti-Frizz serum. How it was weightless, made her hair sleek-shiny-bouncy-light weight and best of all beat off humidity.

We Tried It and We Are Obsessed!

Imagine having little shields protecting your hair defending against that water balloon army just waiting to attack the moment you step outside…Shield up today with Milbon Anit- Frizz Serum.

This Magic In a Bottle:

  • Locks in moisture
  • Provides heat protection
  • Keeps your hairstyle intact
  • Leaves hair feeling weightless
  • Adds frizz control

+ You can use it on your extensions

Summer 2021 is your hot girl summer. Now you can enjoy it without the frizz!

Click to grab yours now or pick it up at your next salon appointment.

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