New Scrunchie, Who’s This?

A couple of weeks ago we RAVED about our new shower head that broke the internet but saved our hair. We are about to shake up your shower routine… yet again.

Ok, you ready?… TOWEL SCRUNCHIES!

We are so over getting out of the shower with sopping wet hair and putting it in a giant towel. Not only are you removing all the moisture you took so long to massage into your beautiful locks, but rubbing your hair with a rough cotton towel can cause some serious damage. When your hair is wet, it is much more susceptible to breakage. Keep the cotton towels for your body-ody-ody-dy and make the switch to a towel scrunchie.

Cutting your dry time in half, these scrunchies are made from microfiber material and are extremely absorbent. Aside from drying your stands, they also help tame frizz and reduce hair breakage. Does your current towel do that???

Keep your hair from getting bunchy and crunchy…Wear a towel scrunchie!

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