Shocking Hair Myth Busters!

We are spilling the tea on
– 4 Common Hair Myths –
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Myth Number One

You Can’t Color Hair While Pregnant
This is perfectly safe during pregnancy! Hair color does not enter your body or blood stream. It only alters the hair strands to create a new color.

We do recommend discussing with your stylist and Dr. beforehand to address any concerns you may have!

Myth Number Two

Oily/dirty Hair Colors Better

Oily hair does not color evenly, it creates slipping in the foils, is icky to work with and to touch.

Clean hair shows the true color of your hair, color deposit and/or lifts evenly, and is much easier to section/foil.

When in doubt, come to the salon with one day post wash only; it’s the best!

Myth Number Three

Going Longer Between Colors Is Better For Your Hair

If you have blonde hair, it’s important to regularly highlight your hair to stay blonde. Too much time between highlighting will create “bands” in your hair because too much of your natural brown color is showing. We recommend 8 weeks between highlighting.

Myth Number Four

Extensions Damage Your Hair

Extensions mainly cause damage when home care isn’t followed. If you’re experiencing bead issues or weft issues it usually comes down to what’s happening at home. We highly recommend getting a refresh on our Extension Care tab on our website. (link below)

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