WATCH OUT! Sunscreen will ruin your extensions

It Can Ruin Your Hair


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It’s a Love & Hate Game!
Sunscreen can and will ruin your extension

We love our skin getting major protection from our beloved sunscreen, but did you know, it will 100% turn your extensions a dreadful salmon, peachy, orange color?

You might be wondering… How can sunscreen color my extensions?

So glad you asked! We’d love to tell you.

Essentially the color change is a result of a chemical reaction. When the sunscreen is absorbed into the hair and exposed to the sun/UV, it causes the cells to break down in a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The cells break down and seek out electron particles to form a new cell structure.

Avobenzine is an oil soluble ingredient found in some sunscreens. Avobenzine creates a chemical reaction with the extensions and turns them a peachy-pink color…but not in a cute way

Check out this video to see what happens

If this has happened to your hair, the google answer to

this questions, “How do you fix pink sunscreen extensions?” is totally wrong!

Google answer:

Apply a color remover and process the extensions according to the instructions on the packaging. If still orange, pink, and peachy tones are present, you can use blue or purple shampoo or do another round of color remover. *Do Not Use This!!!

Color & Extension Expert:

“The only way to remove the chemical reaction color in the extensions is with a salon appointment,” Shana Dee, owner of Lumen Salon says. Using purple shampoo won’t change the color and will only make it harder for the salon to correct the color. The only way to remove the chemical reaction is by several salon treatments that are applied in the same day. Lumen Salon has professional only correctives that aide in fixing the color.

Click to see the extensions corrected.

The next questions is: What sunscreen does not turn extensions pink?

Protecting your hair from sunscreen coloring, make sure to purchase an Avenbenzone free sunscreen. They are of higher quality with more expensive ingredients, but it is worth the purchase to protect your hair extensions! *Try a Mineral based sunscreen

We’ve linked our favorite brands below!

@sunbum mineral sunscreen
@barerepublic mineral sunscreen
@target Up&Up mineral sunscreen

Let’s kick off bikini seasons with the right sunscreen!


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