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The year is wrapping up and traffic has been picking up, too. That’s why we wanted to go over some of our FAQ’s and welcome in the holiday season with you… only 52 days until the end of the year!

1. How late is too late for an appointment?
One of the most frequent texts is… “running a little late.” We love the update, but wanted to clear up how late is too late, and why.

Anything past 5 minutes is too late.

Arriving more than 5 minutes late takes away our time to be able to give you the best results we strive for at Lumen Salon. Those 5 minutes really do add up and cause us to have delays all day. Our services are booked for the time needed to perform that service and we don’t have built-in flex time to allow for late arrivals.

We want the best experience for our #Lumengirls, and for the staff at Lumen Salon, too.

We know there are going to be situations and totally understand running behind every now and then… and being in covid-work-from-home-mode has truly put a hiccup in our daily flow. So we are not without understanding. Please understand, we need all the minutes we have with you to deliver the best results possible. So, showing up at the start of your appointment time is greatly appreciated. 🙂

2. Our cancellation policy:
A quick little refresher on our cancellation policy and what steps are needed to move or cancel an appointment.

To cancel or move an existing appointment please text the salon at 202-676-6313.
All other forms of communication will not cancel your appointment and are subject to cancellation fees. A text is required as that’s our only source of communication for appointments.

72 hours: is required to move a service without any cancellation fees.

48 hours cancellations: are subject to ½ of your service totals booked that day charged via invoice.

24 hours or day of cancellations: are subject to full service totals booked that day charged via invoice. Not showing up for your appointment is full services charged plus $100 booking fee.

3. How to contact us for appointments or questions:

The only way to communicate for appointments is texting the salon number at 202-676-6313.

Can I DM my stylist or the salon on Instagram?

Yes you can, but you will be directed to text the salon at 202-676-6313. We have all communication through text so that we can double check everything, and have a trail to check just in case anything goes wrong with an appointment and helps us serve you in the best way.

Can I send an email?

Yes, but you will be directed to text the salon number at 202-676-6313 for any questions regarding your appointments, cancelling an appointment, or moving an existing appointment.

Did you see the news?
Lumen Salon made its national debut on NBC Nightly News! 🙂

We wanted to thank all of you who came out to the Salon Open house, celebrated our birthday month + won our giveaways! We had so much fun we wanted to keep the “spirit” going and decided to keep offering rose for the entire holiday season.

We also have complimentary Lumen hair ties in black or white, so make sure to grab one at check out during your next salon visit.

Cheers to ringing in the season with all of you!

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