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What Makes Hand Tied Extensions So Popular?

Discover the Solution of Hand Tied Extensions + Sunkissed Hair Color

Hand Tied Extensions are the holy grail of offering the illusion of length, volume, and color. It’s your hair no matter how it’s achieved!

And let's not forget Sunkissed color – clearly, the key to unlocking your hair’s true potential lies in effortless looking hair color, that remains a mystery on how we make it look so natural!

Trust us, once you've experienced the bliss of Hand Tied Extensions and the radiance of Sunkissed Color, there's no turning back!

The Subtle Touch Of Rebellion Your Professional Facade Needs

When you think of high-end extensions and color, naturally, you think of a secret salon tucked away in the heart of Georgetown DC drenched in natural sunlight.

Our speakeasy salon is the ultimate retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life – Getting Extensions or Sunkissed Color is just as life-changing as a spiritual awakening… or so we’ve been told!

There are a lot of salons that “do hair”, but at Lumen Salon we did away with overwhelming distractions + hidden pricing, eliminated the feeling of being overlooked or rushed, and transformed outdated salon environments + processes, while giving you the hair you’ve always wanted!


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Sunkissed Color

Hair Color so natural looking you can say, “The sun did it!"

Hand Tied Extensions

Extensions so seamless they’ll remain a secret, but you’ll be telling all your friends about!

Overheard Around Town

Lumen Salon

Erin Michelle

I went from someone who would go to whatever salon had an opening the day to religiously booking my color + extensions every 8 weeks 6 months out. From the first (4 hour long!) appointment, we chatted the ENTIRE time like old friends. Lumen Salon has a client for life!

Lumen Salon

Arielle Nathan

I have been going to Lumen Salon for years! The salon is warm, bright, and gorgeous. I never leave unhappy or dissatisfied in any way. My most recent haircut/color is probably my most favorite ever - I feel listened to you and they work with you to find the perfect cut/highlight combo for you. They’re perfectionist and your hair will thank you for that!

Lumen Salon

Jessica Lycos

My God, Kamal is the best. You truly cannot see where my hair stops and the highlights begin due to his specialized blending technique. I’m a busy lady and am almost always working the entire time he’s doing my hair. Kamal and I have gotten to a place where I pretty much just sit down in the chair (usually on a call with my earbuds in) and I don’t even say anything. He just gets to work. I’ve completely turned over creative license to him because I trust him that much! Right now we are in a perfect “bronde” moment and I’m just LOVING it. I always get so many compliments. Also, due to the way he does it, I really only come in every 10-12 weeks. Highly recommend! 10/10!

Lumen Salon


Kamal is an absolute magician! He not only does extensions and color perfectly, he styles it to the dream hair look I love to have. The salon is so nice and relaxed. I’ve been coming here since March and absolutely look forward to my experience every single time.

Lumen Salon


Lumen Salon team are genuinely talented and also good hearted, kind people. I get sew -in extensions and highlights and it is pricey, but the confidence boost is really worth it. I feel so great about myself every time I leave the salon! Also, they have the BEST snacks and drinks always super stocked up, the ladies go a bit above and dress very fashionable and it’s really fun seeing their outfits every time I come in. The salon is nicely decorated and super clean. It’s always a pleasant experience, and I feel very welcome. I believe they are the best in the area for extensions, I’ve seen so many bad ones from other salons have to come in and get corrections from Lumen. They are very skilled and that’s why it ain’t cheap! (But also not overpriced). I could go on all day, I'd be completely lost without this Lumen Salon Team helping me live my best hair life.

Lumen Salon

Madeline Tatum

Kamal was amazing! Even more amazing was this before & after. The salon is nice & clean and super efficiently run. They communicated with me about the upkeep on my hair and made it very easy to schedule my next appointment.

Lumen Salon

Brittanie Pierce

I never leave Lumen Salon even remotely close to unhappy. My hair looks Incredible for months and feels so healthy. The whole experience is so thoughtful from the chic decor to the range of beverages she offers you, and not to mention the highest quality hair products (they smell amazing) - you’ll leave feeling like a model. I always make plans to show off my hair after I leave. Thank you Lumen Salon!

Lumen Salon

Janet Brown

I have very thick long hair and I’m starting to show some grey. Other salons never cut and color my hair correctly. Lumen is the first place that does it right. My hair looks so nice when I’m done I feel 10 years younger. Shana Dee, the owner, is the best hair stylist ever. The cleanliness, warm and inviting atmosphere makes me feel special. I’ve never seen a salon like this before. it’s a wonderful experience.

Lumen Salon

Parrisa Anvari

Cannot say enough good things about Lumen. Kamal completely transformed my hair and I will never use anyone else for color and extensions. After 9 weeks my color still looks fresh and the extensions still look fantastic. My whole look has been completely transformed and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. Highly recommend Lumen and Kamal!

Lumen Salon

Lindsey Greenough

Lumen Salon is amazing! After my first appointment over two years ago, I knew I could never go back to another salon. The salon is incredibly talented and all the stylists are master colorists. They consistently delivers high-quality customer service and Lumen Salon provides the “intimate” experience many salons lack. Trust me, it’s life changing!

Lumen Salon

Alexis Buckheit

I have loved EVERYTHING about visiting Lumen Salon. Shana is so sweet, and I leave with my dream hair everytime. She was able to give me the hair color I've always wanted but have never been able to get at other salons. I never have any hair anxiety going into Lumen Salon. I always know I'm going to leave with my hair looking amazing and feeling my best!

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