Barbie Blonde Is Here To Stay????????‍♀️????

Every Lumen Client Leaving The Salon After Their Dream Hair Appointment

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go

Have y’all been to see the Barbie Movie? For us, it was all things hair and since Barbie Blonde is the color of the season & we have you covered! Wanna know why? We’ve been creating Barbie Blonde hair magic since the beginning! Keep scrolling to choose YOUR favorite Barbie Blonde Inspo.

Sunkissed Summer Blonde Yes, please! And yes, extensions are a Barbie MUST!
Dream Hair! Want to know the Secret to Barbie DREAM hair aka all the bouncy volume, thickness and length?! HAND-TIED EXTENSIONS! This beauty is rocking 2 rows of hidden hand-tied extensions. Tap HERE to book your free consultation!
Sandy Beach Blonde Let’s beach! Want to elevate your Barbie Blonde Hair? Wear something PINK to your next appointment! And luckily for you, we have a TON of photo opts in our salon to match the entire Barbie vibe!
Every Color is Barbie Hair! Do you have the urge to participate in the Barbie Blonde trend, but want to keep it subtle? Barbie isn’t always platinum! Try a warmer shade like this one for a fun, sun-kissed look!
Lumen Salon rated 5 out of 5 for best places to get “beach hair!”

This email may have been all about Barbie Blondes…but that doesn’t mean we are forgetting about our Brunette and Red Headed Barbie BOMBSHELLS! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on all things Barbie Hair???? For now… don’t forget to text your favorite Barbie Hair Salon to book your next appointment! 202-676-6313

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