That’s Bangin’

Did You Know Most Celebs Use Clip-in Bang Extensions?!

Yes, you read that right! You may remember us spilling the clip-in-bang-extension tea a few months back when Khloe Kardashian revealed her new bang look.

Here at Lumen Salon we are proud to stay ahead of the trends and give you the inside scoop while we do it!

To achieve this gorgeous summer bang hairstyle, we highly suggest investing into clip-in bangs! – (let us know before your appointment so we have some in stock for you)

Not only are they temporary, you know, in case you regret the bangs, but they provide the needed texture and fullness you see on Hollywood celebrities!

Need To See What These So Called “clip-in Bangs” Look Like? You Can Now Rock The Bang Look As Often As You’d Like!

“I love having the option to add bangs if I want a new look. I wasn’t ready for the full commitment of a haircut, and the clip-in bangs solved the itch without any of the regret.”
— Laura

Get The Look

Hollywood is buzzing with the latest bang trend & you can get it at your next appointment. Simply send us a text before your appointment that you want to try it and we will order the clip-in bangs and custom color them for a seamless match with a no regret or grow out price of $150.

It’s as easy as saying, “I want bangs!” Plus, would be a great new fall accessory! We can’t wait to see you at the salon soon and try out the latest trends keeping you ahead of the curve!

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