The Most Chic Updo of the Summer


If TIKTOK tells us the ‘Cali twist’ is the hair trend of the summer, we run and learn every tip + trick!

So, what exactly is a Cali twist?!

It’s a mix between a French Twist and a messy updo also-known-as the “Pammy do”.

Keep scrolling for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this iconic summer updo + our favorite tutorials.

First, let’s learn how to create the perfect French twist.

Tap HERE to watch TikTok icon, Alex Gaboury give a quick tutorial on how she creates a sleek, French twist!

Now that you’ve mastered the French twist, you’re going to want to add some texture!

Remember how we gave you those tips in our previous blog on achieving the perfect ‘sexture’?!

Now it’s time to incorporate that! Tap HERE in case you missed our blog on sexture!

You may have noticed iconic celebs such as Kim Kardashian rocking the Cali twist! Tap HERE to watch Linn Doll, TikTok hair guru, recreate the iconic Kim updo!
Lastly, to give it that laidback summer vibe, add some accessories. Stop by Lumen Salon to purchase your new favorite summer claw clips and accessories!

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