Are you shampooing your hair correctly?

Do You Shampoo?

In case you missed it, Shana Dee gave us a killer tutorial on how to shampoo our hair at home.


Let’s face it…we were taught a lot of things when we were young, but the correct way to wash our hair might not have been one of them!

She is giving us the ultimate tips on the PROPER way to shampoo our hair, so you’ll have that salon glow at home!

Trust us, you will find these tips super helpful and your hair will thank you????

01. Rinse & Scrub
Rinse your hair and scrub your scalp at the same time. Don’t just wet your hair.

Really rinse it. 3-5 min

02. Shampoo Not Once, But Three Times
Yes, you read that right! On your first wash, lather shampoo in your hands BEFORE putting on your scalp.

Then scrub your scalp. It will feel like there are not any bubbles. But the shampoo is working!

03. Slightly Rinse
Get hair wet again and slightly rinse out the first shampoo.

Then repeat and add more shampoo and scrub your scalp again, and you’ll have a lot more suds this time.

04. Rinse, Shampoo & Scrub
Completely rinse out shampoo and add more shampoo by lathering in your hands first and then adding to the scalp.

Scrub and crisscross your fingers on every part of your scalp.

Then slide your hands down the ends, do not scrub the ends or ball up the ends. They don’t need to be scrubbed, as that will ruff up the cuticle and create breakage.

05. Rinse & Scrub…again!
Rinse. Scrub the scalp while rinsing and lift up ends so the water can run throughout the scalp and remove all dirt/buildup + Shampoo

Rinse. Rinse. Rinse. 3-5 min

06. Conditioner
Add conditioner by rubbing it in the hands first, then add to the ends first and anything left over goes on the top.

Finger comb through hair and let sit for 3-5 minutes.

Shaving your legs is the perfect amount of time.

07. Rinse!
Rinse scalp and excess conditioner out of the hair.

Holding up the ends so the scalp gets one final rinse and the ends stay soft from the conditioner.

Repeat Weekly!

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