Ever Heard of SEXTURE?

– Sexture –
‘Sexture’ – Sexy texture, is described as the secret to truly phenomenal hair.

We’ve all had those at-home-moments when we quickly toss our hair into a clip and it looks amazing, has the perfect amount of effortless face framing tendrils + volume… but damn, you’re not going anywhere!


Let’s break it down so you can recreate this look when you actually want to sexturize you hair.

First Things, First…

Consider Your Hair Texture

If you have curly hair, you will want to start with completely dry hair, add in a lightweight finishing spray, like Le:play from Unite. Then, follow up with an Anti Humidity primer from Milbon to tame frizz + create the natural airiness throughout the hair.

If you have straight hair, begin by prepping already dried hair with Milbon texture spray number 4, and create beach waves with a curling iron. Brush through or shake your hair upside down and as soon as you bring your head upright, spray generously with Le:Play hairspray, then pull into a claw clip without trying to tame it.

Next Up,

Less Is More

At times, using a ton of product on the hair weighs it down. Instead, try incorporating a lot of different textures by doing different waves such as beach waves, “S” waves or crimped waves. This will create the dream dimension you are looking for and an “effortless” look to the hair.


Rock The Effortless Undone Look!

Whether you choose to wear your hair down or style it in an updo, texture is key! Don’t worry about it looking perfect. Pull out pieces around your face and behind your ears to complete your style.

Instead of a ponytail in your baseball hat, use a claw clip! It looks so chic + a nice change up from the elastic. Give it a try!

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