Blonde’s May Have More Fun But…♡

That doesn’t mean they can live completely care-free. Check out our biggest tips to properly caring for your blondie-locks!

Blonde is ALWAYS trending, but lately Hollywood’s biggest celebs have been experimenting with platinum. While we LOVE blonde hair, it definitely requires extra care and maintenance especially in the world of platinum!

Below you’ll discover our TOP TIPS to ensure your blonde stays fresh & vibrant in between appointments!

01. Be Careful When Washing
Water contains minerals that will turn your hair brassy, dull, and blorange, ew!

To stop the unwanted change, we recommend using a shower water filer to keep your bright blonde looking bright.

Our favorite one is linked below + it works in every shower!

Click for Shower Filter

02. Treat Your Hair With A Mask
If you are experiencing frizz and dryness, try switching your conditioner with a hair mask.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on Milbon, you’ve gotta try their incredible masks in multiple options… moisture, repair, anti-frizz and smooth.

All linked below:

Moisture Mask
Repair Mask
Anit- Frizz Mask
Smooth Mask

03. Use A Purple Shampoo In Between Appointments
Blonde hair tends to get brassy in between color appointments without proper care.

We recommend using a pigment depositing shampoo a few times a month to keep your color the vibrant blonde of your dreams!

Must Have Purple Shampoo

04. Swap Out Your Elastic Hair Ties For Soft Scrunchies Or Claw Clips!
Many times, elastic hair ties can cause breakage if the band is wrapped around too tight or if placed in the same spot over and over.

Our hair hack is replacing elastic bands with soft scrunchies or claw clips! Visit our salon to purchase yours for less than $15!

Want more hair tips?
Head to the link below to learn more!

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