The 90’s Are Back Baby! Most Popular Hair Trend of 2022!

The 90’s have made a major comeback with the most POPULAR HAIRSTYLE of 2022:

Baby Braids

Hollywood is buzzing with this new-ish trend, so we’ve put together our Top 5 Favorite Baby Braid Styles

featuring a quick tutorial at the end of this email!

Want to know how to achieve the baby braids hairstyle?

It’s very simple!

Simply take two equal sections at the front of your hair on each side of your part. Then, do a three strand braid and secure with small elastic hair ties!

Leave just two braids or for some extra flair, add two more braids about 1 inch behind the first braids.

Pro tip: behind the hear or right on top of the ear is a good place to add the second braids.

Be sure to tag @lumensalon and show off your baby braid styles!

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