Clean or Dirty Hair? That’s the question

Have you ever wondered whether you should wash your hair or not before arriving to your salon appointment?

We’ve heard it all…

“I didn’t wash my hair because it colors better!”

“I know you like it dirty so I haven’t washed it in days.”

It made us wonder where all this misinformation was coming from. So let’s get down to the bottom of it and discover why arriving with clean, dry hair is always the best.

Clean Hair Pros

  • Clean hair shows the true color of your hair. Making your color formulations true to tone.
  • When there’s no product or oil build up on your hair, you’ll get the best outcome.
  • Lighten is unpredictable or uneven when having to work through oils or build up on hair.
  • With clean hair, your stylist doesn’t have to work with oily dirty hair that hasn’t been washed in 5+ days. Ew.

Dirty Hair Cons

  • Dirty hair will always look darker with oil and product build up.
  • It can be hard for your stylist to make a clean, straight section when foiling on oily hair.
  • Dirty hair makes it harder for your stylist to formulate – because of the hair being dirty and darker than usual.
  • It will take longer to process your color on hair with build up and your color won’t be even.

Our Final Tip!

We also recommend wearing your hair down before your appointment, because hair in tight buns and ponytails can be more difficult to work with.

Shampooing the day before your appointment to ensure clean hair is the best way to arrive for your next salon visit. We recommend a clarifying shampoo to help remove all build up to give you the best hair color!

Our favorite is the Weekender Shampoo by Unite.

Next week we have a fun surprise, so stay tuned!

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