Get Your Beauty Sleep With Extensions

Catching Some Zzz’s

With Hand-tied Extensions

Ever wondered how to sleep with hand-tied extensions?

Your Lumen stylists are sharing their favorite bedtime hair extension routine.

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Sleep With Braids!

Sleep with your hair in braids to minimize tangling. This will save your extensions and give you a nice hairstyle in the morning, too.

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Sleep With A Loose Ponytail

If braids aren’t your thing, no problem! Simply tie your hair up with a silk scrunch in a semi-loose ponytail. This will also help preserve any styling you have, so all you need to do when you wake up is touch up any curls and smooth out the front!

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Don’t Go To Sleep With Wet Hair!

Be sure to FULLY dry your extensions to ensure you are properly caring for your hair & increasing the longevity of them! Sleeping or leaving your extensions wet will ruin them.

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Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Let’s Get Your Extensions On The Books, Baby!

Tis’ The Season For Living Your Best Self!

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