How to ACTUALLY Blow-Dry Your Extensions

How Do I Blow Dry My Extensions?

The MUST-know tips & tricks!

First Things, First…

Towel Dry Your Hair

Towel dry the hair by squeezing out excess moisture. Do not take the towel and ring out the water, as that causes breakage. Let the hair air dry as you go about your morning routine.

Next Up,

Blow-dry Your Hair

Keep the air flowing from roots to ends. Don’t let the hair flip around. Hold the bottom so the hair doesn’t twirl, tangle, or whip around.

Section out each row of extensions and make sure the extension hair is dried at the scalp. This step is very important and makes your extensions last and not mat up.


Blow-dry The Top Of Your Extension Hair

Point the hair dryer down (using a nozzle) and get the top portion dried to keep your extensions smooth & long-lasting! We said it twice because it’s that important 🙂

Need a visual? You’re in luck!

Over on our website, we have multiple tutorials for you to browse!

Head to the link below to watch how to properly blow-dry your extensions created by the founder of the method we use!

How To Blow Dry Extensions

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