The RIGHT Way to Wash Your Extensions!

How To Wash Your Hair Extensions

Everything You Need To Know!

Proper care for your extensions

is KEY to prolonging the lifespan of your hair extensions, as well as, your scalp. So, how do you actually wash them?

The very first thing you need to know…

about washing your hair correctly with hand-tied extensions, is not to actually wash, scrub, or rub the extensions hair with shampoo or bawl it up in any way. Simply wash your scalp and let the remaining shampoo simply wash/rinse over the extension hair.

So let’s break it down…

into easy to do at home steps, so your hair lasts the longest.

– How To Wash –

01. Wash The Extensions From The Top Of Your Head To The Bottom
Just make sure to not scrub on the beads/rows. You can get between them and rub your fingers on the scalp, but without vigorously scrubbing where the extensions are attached. Just scrub the top and bottom where there are not extensions.
02. Avoid Taking The Ends & Rubbing Them On The Scalp Like A Ball
Wash down the hair, not up. Going up the hair will cause the cuticle to lift and make the extensions puffy. Best to avoid rubbing the extension hair at all and just let the shampoo rinse over them without scrubbing. They don’t need it 🙂
03. Incorporate A Faux Wash
To keep the extensions fresh, you can do a faux wash where you just wash the top of your hair!

Put your extension hair in a ponytail and leave out the top where there are no extensions. In your sink, wash & condition the top portion of your natural hair.

Bonus Tip! Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day
Extensions perform best when washed less. Don’t wash your hair every day. Be sure to style your hair well the first day you wash then maintain that style for the next few days!


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