Hand-Tied vs Clip-In Extensions✨ Which one is for you?!

Hand-tied Extensions
Lumen Luxe Clip-in Extensions

Which One Is For You?

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Let’s face it…hair extensions provide an unmatched confidence like no other. The dreamy volume, length, texture and overall “Pinterest worthy hair” is something we all want!

The real question is, “Do I choose Lumen Salon Hand-Tied Extensions or Luxury Lumen Luxe clip-in extensions?”

Let us help you make the decision!

Trust us, you will DEFINITELY want one or the other…extensions are LIFE and you will absolutely glow when you see the full transformation of your new hair.

First, ask yourself these questions…

Fear of commitment?

If you are new to extensions and not sure, Lumen Luxe clip-in extensions are the perfect option for you!

You can easily take them in & out yourself, no salon appointment required, delivered right to your door, so no will even know your dream hair secrets!

Do you want to wake up gorgeous?

If you want to constantly wake up with gorgeous locks, hand-tied extensions are the answer!

To keep them in the perfect condition and strengthen the longevity of the extensions, please be sure to use the proper care found through the link below!


What about stunning hair for a big event?

Our Lumen Luxe clip-in extensions AND hand tied extensions make styling your hair in unique updos and fun hairstyles super easy and convenient!

Because of the various pieces included in one set of clip-ins, you are able to place the hair where it is needed for the particular hairstyle!

AND you can add extra hair by combining your Hand Tied with the Clip-in’s for that extra va-va-voom! Trust us, we sell clips in along with our hand tied for those special events, parties, gala’s, + life; It’s that extra secret to stunning hair!

Do you live for convenience?

If you are consistently on the go and want to avoid a lengthy getting ready routine, hand-tied extensions are the answer!

Style your hair once a week, and it will look great the whole time! Simply do a faux wash and it looks like a fresh new blowout.

Just remember, your move-up appointments are a requirement to ensure the health of your hair, and keep it in perfect condition along with your extensions.

Follow our styling guide on our website!

Have you experienced hair loss?

If you are prone to hair loss, have a sensitive scalp, or possibly an illness… like c0vid, Lumen Luxe clip-in extensions are KEY!

While hand-tied extensions are a very safe option when installed by a licensed professional, our Lumen Luxe clip-in extensions are designed to give your scalp all the love with the option to remove and install as often as you would like, without anything permanent!

Pro’s of Lumen Luxe:

Lumen Luxe are not sold in the salon and only online through the website. No salon appointment needed, and all extensions are delivered right to your door.

Not sure what color to choose? We’ve got you covered, simply fill out the color matching link on the website and we will get you all set!

  •  Lightweight luxury clip-ins 

  • Multi-dimension 

  • pre-rooted balayage

  • Highest grade extensions available (same quality as hand tied hair)

  • 100% Remy all-natural hair

  • Cuticle intact and uniform direction

  • 8 pieces per set

  • Ethical sourcing

  • Sustainably Made-to-order

Pro’s of Lumen Hand- Tied Extensions:

No damaging tape. No bonded adhesive. No weird heat tools. Painless Removal: In about 5 minutes all extensions are removed… painlessly!

A single bead is attached with a string creating the most lightweight attachment possible. This system is designed to have the least amount of attachment sites to the hair, while providing the fullness you’ve always wanted.

Virtually Seamless & Won’t Slip Out: The unique U shaped attachment allows the extensions to move like your real hair.

Custom Blended + Custom Colored: Your extensions are treated like they are your real hair, for a seamless blend.

The truth of the matter is…

No matter which option you choose, you’ll never be more in love with your hair! Don’t believe us, check out our Pinterest page that gets 400K views a month. 🙂

To get Hand-Tied Extensions simply text the salon 202-676-6313

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