I Would Sell My Soul For Good Hair

I would LITERALLY sell my soul to have good hair. That’s dramatic, I know… but I’m not the only one! ????

So why do we wash our hair in chemical-filled rusty water?

Did you catch @shanadee.lumen shower filter segment on Instagram last week?

The segment where Shana Dee takes us on a mini apartment tour; Plus, reveals her FIRST and #1 tip on keeping hair healthy and shiny.

Let’s recap:

If you have colored hair, your hair will lose its shine if your shower water is not filtered. It’s a recurring problem with a lot of our clients who do not have a shower filter. We will do a beautiful bright blonde or a sun-kissed brunette and 8 weeks later they come back with rusty, brassy, and flat hair.

Pro Tip:

I’m sorry to say that no purple shampoo will help if your water is filled with rusty chemicals.

So what’s the solution?

The Luxsego Shower Head

Shana Dee swears by it because it’s easy to install, looks cool with the transparent showerhead/nozzle that shows you the double filtration system where the water from your shower passes through charcoal, vitamin C, + other unique beads + filters that create clean and purified water for your hair and skin.

Some of the benefits that Shana Dee has seen herself using the Luxsego Showerhead are:

  1. Provides softer skin and hair
  2. Prevents body breakouts
  3. Increases water pressure
  4. Removes rust and brass tones out of hair
  5. Helps eliminate “Maskne”

You don’t need a confession session to redeem your hair to its divine glory. Simply add a shower filter and let the renewed holy water transcend your locks and wash away those naughty chemicals for good!

Click to instantly wash away your sins with us!

Winter static? Me too, girl… look out for our email + blog post next week and discover our hair raising tricks… pun intended!

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