It’s A Hair Raising Experience…

We are soooo ready for sunshine, warmth, and moisture to be back in the air, and so is your hair.

The seasonal problem of static hair + scarf tangles is something we’re all figuring out how to get rid of… along with the snow; am I right?!

Let’s get down to business and eliminate static + give your hair the extra boost of moisture it needs.

For preventing winter static + dryness we recommend this winter cocktail:

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush
For detangling + reducing stress to hair during blow-drying and styling.
For locking moisture into your locks

  • Perfect balance of moisture and proteins
  • Repairs, locks in color, and strengthens
  • Thermal and UV protector
For a weekly winter pick me up every shower must have

  • Intense moisture protects and strengthens
  • Helps restore elasticity
  • Long-lasting, high shine

I’m all for kicking the winter blues into summer humidity. Wait, did I just say humidity… we will discuss how to tame that stickiness soon enough.

Until then, “mask up”, spritz detangler onto your locks, and brush away the scarf knots for good.

Tune in next week for our favorite 90’s hair accessory you’ll need this summer…As if!

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