Is Blonde Hair Cheugy?

First off, we have to ask ourselves – WTF does Cheugy mean?!!??

The word Cheugy is a term used by Gen Z (aka most of the users on Tiktok), that means something that is untrendy or out of style.

Along with skinny jeans and side parts, Blonde hair being Cheugy has been a topic of discussion on Tiktok, so let’s dive into yet another thing Gen Z is coining outdated…

Why is blonde hair considered outdated?

Hailey Beiber went dark and sparked a trend where going back to your natural color is called “rich girl brunette.” We can’t help but wonder if covid has a little something to do with it. We had to wait longer to get into the salon and everyone’s natural roots started coming in full force. Plus working from home via zoom had us looking at ourselves in a new light.

We find the whole thing HILARIOUS, but we wanted to show our favorite client transformations from blonde to dark – just in case you’re tempted to go to the dark side ????

Who is Gen Z to tell us what’s hot and what’s not? Haha! We’ve got your back if you want to stay put as a Baddie Blondie or take the plunge into the darker side. We love making you Blonde, Brunette, and whichever other color you want your hair!

Stay tuned next week for our favorite holiday hairstyles to rock at your holiday parties.

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