Preventing Dry Static Hair

The Cold Weather Has Arrived…❄️❄️

We may be excited for the snow, holidays, and winter fashion – but dry static hair is a not so cute addition to the cooler temps.

Don’t worry #Lumengirls, we’ve got you covered with our best tips to prevent dry static hair this winter.

1. Skip The Texture Spray
Texturizing spray actually creates static in your hair, especially in the cold months. We recommend going for a moisturizing oil like Milbon to tame those fly aways.
2. Get Your Hands On A Humidifier
Naturally, the air in your home becomes dry during the colder months. This has major effects on your hair. Adding a humidifier in your home will help tame the frizziness and help your hair retain its moisture. We recommend the AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier.
3. Clothing Fabrics Cause Hair Static
We’ve all been there. You put your favorite turtle neck on, but now your fly aways are out of control! Fabrics like Wool, Silk, Fur, Polyester, and Raylon make for a very electrocution situation. Static will cling to your fabrics and go into your hair as you walk around turning your smooth hair into a balled up knot… especially wearing a scarf.

Remember to keep a brush handy and brush your hair and especially extension hair regularly to keep them untangled and smooth.

4. Shower Filter
In addition to keeping all of these tips in mind, we recommend all of our clients to get a shower filter – especially in these freezing Winter months.

Shower filters help save your hair from becoming brassy, which is a problem we don’t need this Holiday season. Our fave is the Aqua Earth one!

We hope you all have Merry Christmas, and keep you hair hydrated under that Mistletoe 🙂

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