Haute For The Holidays ????

We know you’re ready to SLEIGH the holidays! ????????

The biggest trend this holiday season is BOWS.. big bows, small bows, headband bows, and high pony bows. So let’s unwrap our favorite bow looks to wear for any occasion.

Check them out below ⬇️

1. Half Up Half Down Bow
Bows are THE hair accessory for the Holiday season. Simply tie a bow to your half up pony to spice it up a bit! We also have bows at the salon to grab at your next visit. 🙂 Twisting two pieces towards the back, secure with an elastic. Next, tie up any ribbon and leave the ends long food a chic french look.
2. Sleek High Ponytail Bow
Take a sleek high pony, but make it fun by adding a big bow! Bows are trendy, playful, but also can elevate a basic quarantine pony 🙂
3. Low Pony with Chunky Bow
Adding a bow that’s textured and chunky will really cause you to stand out among the Holiday party crowd!
4. All The Way Down Bows
What a way to make an entrance with this tied up pony. Take clear elastics and secure around your pony about 2 inches apart all the way down, creating the mini bobbles. Next, take any ribbon and cut into 3 to 4 inch pieces, then tie around each elastic in a square knot. You’ll be turning heads for sure!

A Quick Pony Tip:

Don’t know where to place your pony? Use your cheek bones as your guide. Take your pointer finger on each side of your cheek bones and draw back towards the back of your head. Where your finger meetup is the place where your pony will look the best.

Tag us in your Holiday look this season and pick up one of our favorite hair accessories on your next salon visit. Happiest Holiday Wishes!

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