Are Expensive Hair Products Worth It?

Salon Products vs Drugstore

What’s the difference and why it matters

Have you ever wondered why salon shampoo is more expensive than your local drug store brands? Or thought, it all goes down the drain anyway, might as well save a few dollars and grab this shampoo and conditioner combo for $10.99.

Well, Keep reading…

To find out the real difference between salon and drugstore products and why you made the right decision picking up that shampoo + conditioner from your last visit.

1. Drugstore Products are Diluted

While drugstore products come in different colors, scents, and are easily accessible – they’re often extremely diluted with water, chemicals, and fillers.

Although the products make your hair smell sweet, they are actually very damaging to the quality of your hair’s integrity.

The sulfates that you find in drugstore shampoo will end up stripping and drying out your mane, leaving your hair brittle, coated in silicones, and feeling like Barbie hair. Not to mention, preventing it from growing and causing unnecessary breakage.

2. Salon Products Have High-Quality Ingredients

When you buy salon professional products, there is a lot of science behind the ingredients listed in each product.

Milbon products use ingredients that actually add hydration and nourish your hair from the inside out – leaving it shiny, healthy, conditioned and nourished with highly concentrated healing ingredients.

You will notice the health of your hair increase, plus your hair will feel super healthy, shiny and glamorous!

3. Your Salon Grade Products Will Last You Longer

Since products at the salon have higher concentration and better quality ingredients than the ones you find at CVS, a little goes a long way, Which means you’ll save money by not having to buy them as often. A quarter size amount is truly all you need.

Our Favorite Drug Store vs Salon Shampoo + Conditioners

We understand there are times when drugstore hair products will have to do, which is why we recommend Botanic Heart Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set!

This duo from Botanic Hearth has Biotin and Collagen, that Fights Hair Loss & Thinning with Korean Ginseng & Turmeric, Conditioner Promotes Hair Growth with Avocado and Coconut.

We love Milbon and can’t get enough of all their products. As the summer humidity starts to kick in, we recommend the Smooth Medium shampoo and conditioner.

It detangles and smooths your hair. This set smoothes and soothes each cuticle to enhance texture and shine, leaving every strand feeling silky- smooth and soft.

Spring and summer appointment are almost filled up, don’t forget to text us at 202-676-6313 ???? with all inquiries and questions!

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