Our Fave Coachella Hair Trends

Coachella isn’t just about the music…
Hair & Fashion will always remain center stage

Say hello to a local #lumengirl @sept.oct.nov rocking our hand tied extensions at Coachella and showing us some major looks! A fun fact, Autumn was our social media guru, and has since blown up on TikTok as a SAHGF.

Let’s take a look at her go-to hair trends…

1.Butterfly Clips ????
We love how she added Colorful Butterfly clips with lived in waves as a must do hair trend; These cute clips are as fun as they come!

Take different colored clips and place them in your hair, making any hairstyle pop.They will add a fun + flirty vibe to any pre and post chella-look.

2. Bubble Braids
Bubble braids will spice up any look you’re going for, and will for sure have other festival attendees turning heads! Now we’re seeing Coachella go-ers ice them with jewels and stones. ???? You can bedazzle your hair or keep it as simple as you’d like!
3. Baby Clips
Another hair accessory we’ve seen be a big trend this past weekend is adding in baby clips. This trend is either all in with adding up to 5 or 7, but also simple by making a statement with a deep side part and one clip holding it away from your face, as seen here.

One thing is for sure, Coachella hair will be seen all summer long. Pair any of the above styles with a sundress and you’re instantly summer ready.

Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s newsletter as we celebrate our Lumen Stylists on hairstylist appreciation day (April 28th), and why they make Lumen Salon so special. ❤️

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