Our Love Doesn’t Cost One Thing ????

We’ve got a cute new Hairstyle to try…

Inspired by the one and only J-Lo!

Get ready to feel fa-fa-FABulous with this one, and keep reading to find out how to channel your inner Jenny From The Block! ⬇️

Full Tutorial Below

1. For this one, you’re going to want to start with @lumenluxe clipped in luxury extensions. Then grab a 1 and ½ inch curling iron to start creating those curls to brush out later on.

2. To brush out your curls, it’s easiest to take your Lumen paddle brush (available in the salon or online). Brushing is how you get that flirty wavy look. Start brushing those curls from top to bottom and you’re good to go on to the next step.

3. We’re doing a half-up half-down look, so grab your favorite hair tie and section out the top of your hair and secure it with your elastic. Make sure to do a middle part and leave two front pieces out to frame your face.

4. Take a single piece of hair from underneath your pony and wrap around your hair tie. Then secure with a bobby pin to hide the hair tie for a chic look.

5. Lock everything in place with Unite Le:Play Hairspray to make sure this fun hairstyle stays in place all day long!

You know we have you covered, so click here for a tutorial ????

Now it’s time to get on the floor with this fun and easy look! Don’t forget to snap some photos for your insta (and tag us @lumensalon), because you’re going to want to show this off…and we can’t wait to see!

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