Ready To Be Sunkissed? ☀️

The temperature is rising ☀️☀️

Time to bust out the bikini + sunscreen!

So let’s give you our number-one-sun-dreamer-tip

before it gets too hot in here!

If you’re in the sun, sunscreen should be your best friend in order to protect yourself against its rays and keep your skin in tip top condition.

Let’s not forget, your hair extensions can turn unsightly colors when using sunscreen that contain octinoxate + oxybenzone. No joke!

Yikes!! Fear not, we’ve got you covered!

We recommend a mineral based sunscreen, as seen above.

Using the correct sunscreen is very important, because other brands have octinoxate + oxybenzone that will turn your hair extensions orange and pink *Oh no no no no*!

Our fave is the Sunbum Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion that provides great UV blockage and no unsightly orange or pink hair, thank goodness!

If you have extensions, you have to be especially cautious. Once they turn pink/orange – it won’t come out and we’ll have to replace your beautiful extensions for a fresh new set.

Speaking of extensions, we know hand tied extensions aren’t for everyone. That’s why we took our most requested extensions blends and turned them into luxury clip-in extensions. Stay tuned for our one day only flash drop coming April 1stl! ????

Discover our favorite looks from Paris fashion week. Let’s just say, we saw and we fell in love with the upcoming hair trends. All coming up next week!

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