Summer Hair Trends 2021

Here it is! The top summer hair trends you NEED to know about + try at your next Lumen Salon appointment.

This summer, the hair trends fall in the Goldilocks zone: not crazy long, not too short, but a happy mid-length refresh.

Now let’s get the 411 on these trends…

Curtain bangs- DUH
Curtain bangs are easier to style, give you more options, and can be grown out faster than shorter bangs. What’s not to love?

Wavy Shag- So FUNN!!
A shag haircut is a loyal companion to waves and curls. It allows your natural hair texture to shine without weight, freeing it up via cascading layers.

Modern Mullet- the ’70s are back!
Celebs love it. Instagram loves it. Now, it’s your turn to try a mullet out—and remember, the shaggier, the better for this super hot trend.

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