The Biggest Dos and Don’ts For Hair Extensions

POV: You just got the hair of your dreams…22 inches of perfectly matched hand tied extensions… You have been rocking your salon curls for a couple of days and now it’s time to wash your extensions at home… By Yourself!

Fear strikes you like lighting

“Can I do this myself?”

“What if they all fall out?”

“I’m going to screw it up!”

“How do I wash all this hair?”

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You!

Here’s how to make your extensions stay as beautiful as the day you left the salon… for as long as possible…

5 Must Do’s To Keep Your Hair New + Last The Longest

1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo- We highly recommend Milbon

2. Shampoo Down the hair- don’t wad up the hair and scrub it together, that ruins the hair by roughing up the cuticle and causes bunching/tangles. Instead, do this: How to wash your extensions

3. Use 7 seconds hair detangler spray after showering & brush from the bottom of each row: How to brush your extensions

4. Dry with a brush going down the hair until about 90% dry then smooth hair with a round brush the rest of the way dry. Don’t add too much heat, it will burn/dry out the hair. How to dry your extensions

5. Smooth hair before curling- run a few passes over the hair with the curling iron before curling. This gets the cuticle going in the same direction and creates shine. How to curl your extensions

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