The Best Hair Comes From Loyalty

Did you know, the best hair comes from loyalty?

Being loyal to your salon and hairstylist pays off in the long run… as it takes hairstylists time to fix, adjust, and tweak your hair.

We’d love to make it magic right from the start and be able to fix everything in one three hour session, but that’s almost impossible and can set everyone up with unrealistic expectations.

So, here’s what to expect…

1. Consistency is key in getting that perfect hair color, the right home care, and clear communication with your stylist to get that oh-so-swoon-worthy hair. At Lumen, we believe it takes around 3 visits to correct a new client’s hair + get you on your way to those Pinterest worthy looks. The 1st visit we are correcting, the 2nd visit is balancing + the 3rd visit is icing on the cake… and the rest is best hair days for life.

2. Hair has patterns and your stylist will be correcting + reversing color patterns in your hair during your appointments. This takes time and needs to be designed over multiple sessions. One time might be adding some lowlights so the next time it can be highlighted to add that pop or visa versa.

3. Home care makes all the difference to the health and longevity of your hair. The best colorists can not make magic on hair that is brittle, broken, coated in silicone + polymers from drug store shampoos/conditioners, and hair that is filled with dingy hard water making it brassy AF. *links below for our must have home care healthy hair systems.


We love the years we have spent with all of you creating luscious brunettes, vibrant blondes, and sultry redheads. Y’all look soooo gooooood!!! Cheers to more years, friendship, and loyalty. We sure love you!

Don’t forget to check out our 5 step Home care Healthy Hair System:

1. Milbon Repair Shampoo

2. Milbon Restorative Treatment Conditioner

3. Bye, Bye Brass Water Filter

4. Seven Seconds Detangling Conditioner

5. U Oil Serum

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