The Dark Side of Purple Shampoo

Using Purple Shampoo can be a great way to keep your Blonde balayage looking Blonde, but too much can actually make your hair turn Grey and Mushroomy.

Keep reading along to find out everything you need to know about Purple Shampoo ????

1. What is Purple Shampoo?

Well, exactly that! Purple Shampoo is shampoo with purple pigment that helps combat unwanted brassy tones in your hair. It’s dark purple color is exactly what’s needed to get rid of yellow tones, and when done right – does exactly that!

2. What happens when you’ve used too much:

Too much Purple shampoo can make your Blonde hair look darker, grey, more brassy + sometimes brittle.

Wait, what?! ????????

That’s because it will over-tone your blonde hair, while also taking the golden tones out making it look mushroomy + dull with zero contrast.

Extension Clients: Be very careful using a purple shampoo, as extension hair will “grab” the purple tone as-quick-as a pre-Covid brunch reservation. 🙂

3. How often should Purple Shampoo be used:

Using your Purple Shampoo should not replace using regular shampoo.
In fact, you can often mix it with your regular shampoo for a slightly less toning effect.

A good rule of thumb, think of it like a treatment you use once a week (if you shampoo your hair two-threee times a week)

If you shampoo once a week, use it every other shampoo. You don’t really need to use it more than that.

4. How to reverse the effects of using too much Purple Shampoo:

We recommend using a clarifying Shampoo to help reverse some of the effects of overusing Purple Shampoo.

Our fave is the Weekender Shampoo from Unite! It not only will remove build up, chlorine, + hard water but also help cleanse the hair of unwanted purple tones.

5. Our favorite Blonding products:

We love to use the Unite Blonda Line to keeping your Blonde poppin’!

For more hair tips + tricks, keep an eye out for our blog posted each Wednesday on our Website.

Next week- we go deep comparing the difference between hand tied and tape-ins. You won’t want to miss it.

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