The DISGUSTING Reason You Shouldn’t Go To Bed With Wet Hair

Since you’re a Lumen Salon O.G. then you know we ALWAYS recommend avoid sleeping with wet hair, especially those of you with hand-tied extensions!

Be warned!

The following information may leave you running to strip your sheets and forgo wet heads at bedtime.

Scalp Issues?

Not only can sleeping with wet hair cause damage & breakage to your strands, but it can actually lead to certain skin infections on the scalp, face, and upper body!

The moisture from your hair can cause bacteria to grow on your pillowcase and even the pillow itself. Shocking, right?!

A Skin Infection?

You may notice a flaky scalp, which can be easily confused as dandruff. You may also notice small acne bumps called bacterial or fungal folliculitis. The is caused when hair follicles become inflamed.

Lastly, you may experience small red bumps on your face known as fungal acne. Luckily, this specific acne doesn’t travel!

We recommend seeing a dermatologist who can help you determine the exact cause and provide solutions.

What Can I Do?

We recommend washing your pillow case once a week along with sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase to cause less friction and damage!

Be sure to take a shower early enough to allow your hair to fully dry before laying down on your pillow.

Best to dry those gorgeous locks before hitting the sheets.

Do hair Extensions make it worse?

If you are following our Lumen Salon Extension Home Care Guide then you are fully drying your hair before sleeping! You can happily sleep knowing you aren’t causing unnecessary bacteria to form due to wet hair!

Be sure to ALWAYS dry your extensions completely to avoid ruining your extension hair and the pillow fiasco we’ve been chatting about!

Is it Contagious?

Oh, dear…

Unfortunately, the infection is able to spread if it is caused by bacteria.

We recommend looking out for the signs we mentioned earlier to best determine if your infection is exposing others!

SHOOK?! We understand!

Good rule of thumb: just dry the hair, babe. It’s DEFINITELY worth it!

Oh, and grab our favorite silk pillowcase. Your hair (& skin) will thank you!

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