How To Ruin Your Hair!

You might be mistakenly breaking your gorgeous hair resulting in thin ends, fragile fringe… and more!

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If your styling tools are hotter than 350 degrees, it’s too hot, hot, hot! This includes the Dyson Airwrap + especially the Revlon dupe

How do you know if it’s too hot?

Get a Hot Tools or Bio Ionic curling iron with a temperature gage and set no higher than 350 and work fast.

Gently tap your hair while it’s in the curling iron and if it’s too hot to touch longer than 10 seconds, it’s time to take it out. Good rule of thumb, keep the iron moving and not sitting in one place too long.



Forgetting to brush your extensions creates crawling, unnecessary tangles, and potentially replacing the extensions more often. We recommend brushing 3x a day for ultimate results. This means in the morning, a mid afternoon quick brushing session, and before bed.

Grab our #1 best brush at your next visit or online.



We know you’ve heard it a million times, but over the counter shampoo really does make your hair fragile, damaged, and coated in silicone + all the other not so good ingredients that cause your hair to…

1. Not grow
2. Feel dry
3. Have a waxy shine
4. Snap easily

Too much protein is not good for the hair and will make it break. Best rule is to use a moisture shampoo for daily use and a weekly detoxifying shampoo. Keep your protein shampoo for a monthly refresh!

P.S. This also applies to conditioners 🙂


You’d never reach into your hot oven and grab a cookie sheet after the cookies have baked. So, why do we grab our blowdryer and go to town on freshly washed hair? Your hair needs an “oven mitt” to be protected from all the hot air + styling tools. Heat protectants provide a barrier from the heat, add shine, some have humidity blocking additives, and most of all keep your hair safe from excessive damage. Obviously, we’ve hooked you up with our faves below.


-A few more tips for our Extension Clients-
The fastest way to ruin your extension hair is:

1. Not blowdrying the extensions fully
2. Air drying the extensions
3. Using too many products (less is best!)
4. Rapidly Rough blowdrying the hair
5. Using regular sunscreen
6. Not brushing the extensions

-A few more tips for our Color Clients-
The fastest way to ruin your hair is:

1. Tight ponytails or top buns
2. Sleeping with wet hair
3. Over styling with hot tools
4. Rough drying the hair
5. Skipping smoothing products
6. Overdoing dry shampoo

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