Top Mistakes That Lead To Hair Loss????????

Losing hair and shedding is a natural process and at times, can be out of our control.. like having babies, stress, or hormones.

Fortunately, there are some common mistakes that we can avoid to limit the amount of hair that falls out!

So, let’s reveal the biggest mistakes you may be making when it comes to hair loss!

01. Brushing Your Hair
You may be tempted to yank a brush through your tangles right away, but that can lead to serious hair loss and damage to your fragile ends.

Instead, spray 7 seconds from Unite and then use your Lumen Brush starting at the bottom and work towards your scalp, gently brushing over the tangles.

02. Too hot to handle
Using too much heat on your hair can cause a lot of breakage and damage resulting in more hair falling out.

To keep your hair healthy, use a serum to protect your hair before blowdrying or curling. We recommend Any of the Milbon primers/serums.

03. Stress, Stress, Stress
Unfortunately, chronic stress can lead to rapid shedding. Typically, the hair cycle will rebalance over time and growth will return.

In the meantime, We recommend our Lumen Hand Tied Extensions or Lumen Luxe clip-in extensions to help provide the extra thickness volume you may need!

04. Foodie Love
Our diets have a lot to do with our hair growth and overall hair health!

Foods like Salmon, greens, nuts & berries are optimal for hair growth!

05. Changing Colors
Going from dark to blonde or red to blonde can really damage your hair.

We are all about changing your looks at Lumen Salon.

That’s why we keep the health of your hair as our top priority using methods that keep the integrity of your hair so you can easily have different looks.

In reality, numerous elements contribute to hair loss; however, having a dedicated industry expert who prioritizes both your well-being and overall health is of utmost significance!

At our exclusive salon, our skilled stylists are committed to providing you with an unparalleled experience, helping you achieve the hair goals you’ve envisioned, all while maintaining the health of your hair as a primary concern.

Our aim is to offer you a sense of tranquility, serenity, and the highest level of hair confidence achievable!

To schedule your upcoming Fall hair appointment, reach out to the salon via text at 202-676-6313!

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