Oh Honey…You Won’t Believe This Cozy Hair Color

Honey Beige, otherwise known as, – Cozy Blonde – is a blonde MUST-HAVE

You may remember the loooong trend of platinum hair…well allow us to introduce the warm golden hues taking over your IG & TikTok feed, finally! 🙂

We are obsessed with warm blondes, because they make the hair shiny + bright by reflecting light. Unlike ashy/platinum blondes that appear darker + dull by absorbing light. Needless to say, we are obsessed with sunkissed-honey-beige-blonde hair.

Check out our favorite -cozy blonde- looks below!

Ciara Ciara
a golden goddess
Khloe Kardashian’s Honey Beige For The Win
Speaking of, did you see the bang transformation we made at Lumen Salon recently? Click here for the Khloe inspired look!
Zoey Dutch
Embraces the lived-in look with loose, messy waves!
Lumen Salon
Honey Blonde has always been our favorite. Two rows of extensons for the win!

It’s kind-of-like the normal blonde, but a slightly lower-maintenance version ????

Remember, low-maintenance does not mean no-maintenance. This look still requires some upkeep to keep your color looking incredible.

Easily try out the cozy blonde hair color at your next salon visit! After all…golden hues and sun-kissed hair is our signature look ????

Quickly text the salon at (202) 676-6313 to set up your next appointment, if you’re not already pre-booked for spring.

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